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Assessment of the effectiveness and validation of Maintenance systems and strategies can be achieved only by conducting an Audit on the same.

We conduct a comprehensive, insightful Maintenance Audits and Maintenance Management Audits of your maintenance system, processes and practices to Enhance your maintenance performance and address your problems.

The results of any maintenance audit are vital part of your plans for improving your future maintenance performance.

Our maintenance audit reveals valuable details about the status and causes of your current maintenance results to incorporate changes that are important to improve your maintenance performance and maintenance outcomes.

When conducting the maintenance audit, we use a systematic approach to develop a thorough audit questionnaire and checklist so that no detail is missed.

Our plant maintenance audit is done following internationally recognised auditing practices.

Our maintenance audit with concrete data and facts will let you understand the areas to refocus your maintenance system and process development that makes it clear where you have opportunity to rapidly improve.

At the completion of your plant maintenance audit or maintenance management audit you get a complete audit report indicating your current standing / status against best maintenance requirements, Highlighting the strengths deficiencies in your maintenance process. You will have all the information you need to identify the correct maintenance management systems / process changes and the necessary methods, disciplines and skills that your operation needs to get the maintenance performance you want.

Our maintenance audit results will help you chart line-of-sight plans to take your operation to higher level of maintenance performance

  • High operational plant availability to maximise your production
  • Increased production throughput to lift your operating profit
  • Focused preventive and predictive maintenance strategies to drive your plant and equipment reliability ever higher
  • Decreasing annual maintenance cost to continually lower your production unit cost and increase your margins
  • Maintenance costs controlled to ± 3% of budget so that your operating costs are stable and predictable

Maintenance Training

We have Developed New approach to achieve Zero breakdown by training the engineers for the required Basic Engineering skills like Pneumatics, Hydraulics PLC, Drives etc and Equipment maintenance skills.

We will help our clients to impart Training Basic Engineering skills and to develop In-house Trainers to prepare the training material and train the engineers on the Machines and Process Equipment.

Zero Breakdown can be achieved with Improved skill of the Maintenance Engineers and by following the Proactive maintenance approach of Daily maintenance, Preventive maintenance & Predictive maintenance

Maintenance Training Benefits
  • Zero breakdown can be achieved
  • In house training reduces cost, down time
  • Provides hands-on more effective learning
  • New engineers can be trained before deploy them in regular shift operations

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