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5S is a method to improve and sustain workplace organisation. 5S represents 5 disciplines for maintaining a visual workplace (visual controls and information systems). These are foundational to continual improvement.

5S help reduces clutter, reduces the time it takes to look for tools and equipment. Creates pride in the workplace.

One of the Key Principle of 5S is have

“A place for everything and everything in its place”

5S are 5 Japanese / English words starting from the word S


1. Optimized Organization: Decreasing potential time wasted looking for, determining how to use, and returning items.

2. Efficiency: To improve efforts aimed to eliminate waste from the manufacturing process and overall enhance a company’s bottom line.

3. Bigger Storage Density: Significant reductions in the square footage of required space for existing operations.

4. Heightened Safety

5. Increased workplace morale:

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