Cost reduction-Kaizen

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Manufacturing Cost Improvement

This programme is targeted at Manufacturing who need a rapid and sustainable increase in plant performance. We provide coaching, training and guidance working alongside the Plant team to identify and make changes in working practices with a focus on cost reduction in terms of:

Conversion cost (Energy, spares, consumables, manpower)

Material cost

Downtime costs

Our innovative cost improvement Approach to increase profitability. We follow a customised approach of cost reduction for each of its client as follows,

Study P&L of our client in detail

Identify key high costs elements

Conduct root cause analysis on Major issues & inefficiencies

Implement Corrective & Preventive actions for improvement

By implementing our Innovative and systematic approach will help to reduce 10 % to 20 % against the spent base.

The stages of the programme are
Week 1-3 Identify the opportunity
Week 4-8 Develop an implementation plan
Week 9-20 Support Plant team implementation and provide coaching and training
Week 21-36 Deliver sustainable benefits
The benefits of this programme include:

Cost reduction (Raw material, Energy, Spares & Consumables)

Quality and compliance

Improved working practices

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