Business Activity and Main Objective:

We are a Management consulting firm specialising in Implementation of Manufacturing Operational excellence tools such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Lean, 5S, Kaizen, Cost Reduction & RCM.

We help our clients to achieve significant growth in Profits and Revenues through training & implementation of operational excellence tools.

We are committed to helping our clients to become high performance organisation, always striving for Operation Excellence by Continually Improving and achieving Breakthroughs in business performance and by establishing a culture of Sustaining Improvements.

With successful implementation of TPM, Kaizen tools & techniques will help our clients improve productivity, performance & profitability drastically & increasing their customer satisfaction.

Our Consulting helps the clients to achieve:

  • Cost reduction (Raw Material, Energy, Consumables & Spares)
  • Visual Shop Floor
  • Spares Management
  • Throughput time reduction
  • Machine downtime reduction
  • Reduction in Inventories
  • Manpower productivity improvement
  • Reduction in Rejection
  • Better Plant Layout

We deliver business results while developing skills, behaviours and values to sustain the results. We do this through a combination of assessment, training, project planning, rapid implementation by demonstrating the activities and inculcating the systematic work culture in the Organisation as a whole.



Muniyandi is a results-focused, people-oriented change professional with a track record of delivering sustainable benefits through continuous improvement.

A. Ramanarayanan

Ramanarayanan a Mechanical Engineer, 37+ years of experience in a leading tyre manufacturing company in Maintenance and Projects for 25 years...